How does a varicose vein doctor in California diagnose vein disease?

Varicose veins and spider veins are often the result of underlying vein disease or venous insufficiency. Before treating your problematic veins, your varicose vein doctor should identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Initially, your spider vein specialist will perform a physical examination of your legs, looking for signs of unhealthy veins, and also speak to you about your current symptoms and relevant risk factors. However, on its own, a physical examination is insufficient to diagnose vein disease as symptoms may not always be visible at the surface of the skin. Even seemingly mild signs and symptoms can result from venous disease, therefore this must be identified and treated properly to prevent your symptoms from reoccurring at a later date.

A leading varicose vein treatment clinic will also offer a highly accurate diagnostic procedure, using Duplex ultrasound techniques. Duplex ultrasound uses a combination of Doppler and conventional ultrasound techniques to produce images of the blood vessels within your legs. This procedure is relatively quick, lasting for around 30 minutes, and can evaluate the severity and location of your affected saphenous veins. This information will help to guide your vein specialist in choosing the most appropriate varicose vein treatment for you.

When searching to find a suitable California vein clinic for your treatment, you should choose a treatment center that employs vein doctors who are highly skilled at using ultrasound techniques, such as Vein Treatment Clinic located in San Diego. You could start your search for a top varicose vein doctor in California by googling ‘vein center near me’. Choosing to have your vein treatment performed by a highly qualified, board-certified varicose vein specialist, will ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive care plan.

How does a varicose vein doctor in California treat vein disease?

Once the root cause of your varicose veins and spider veins has been identified, your vein physician will devise an individual treatment plan to address your specific needs. The best choice of treatment for you will depend upon a number of factors including your age and medical history and the size and shape of your affected veins. To successfully treat your underlying venous insufficiency, it is essential that you seek prompt treatment from a highly skilled varicose vein doctor in California.

A leading vein center will recommend the latest, state-of-the-art minimally invasive vein treatments, such as radiofrequency ablation, sclerotherapy, VenaSeal, and Varithena. Minimally invasive procedures are preferred as they are quick, often concluding within an hour, have a negligible risk of side effects, and cause little to no pain. You should avoid any vein center that recommends invasive surgical treatments to you, as these can be largely avoided nowadays.

Here is a brief overview of the most common minimally invasive vein treatments:

  • Radiofrequency ablation

During this procedure, your spider vein dr will use thermal energy, channeled through a catheter, to close down the diseased saphenous vein.

  • Sclerotherapy

During sclerotherapy, your spider vein doctor will inject a sclerosant solution into your affected veins to seal them shut. Sclerotherapy is used to minimize the appearance of smaller surface spider veins and is not suitable for treating larger varicose veins and underlying vein disease. You will need to use compression stockings after sclerotherapy.

  • Varithena

Varithena is a specialized, pre-made sclerosing foam that can be injected into varicose veins, reducing their appearance and improving painful symptoms.

  • VenaSeal

VenaSeal is an advanced vein procedure, during which your vein doctor will inject a safe and unique, medical-grade adhesive into your affected veins. This glue acts quickly and effectively to fuse together the walls of the affected vein. After some hours, the treated vein will permanently harden and gradually be reabsorbed by your body.

After your specific procedure has shut down the affected saphenous veins, your blood flow will reroute through healthier veins, restoring your circulation and relieving your troublesome signs and symptoms.

What are some of the signs and symptoms of underlying vein disease?

So, now that you know a little bit more about what a varicose vein doctor in California does, how do you know when you should go and visit one? The signs and symptoms of venous disease are often subtle and progressive, meaning that many patients mistaken them for normal signs of aging. So, what should you be looking out for?

  • Spider veins and varicose veins
  • Discolouration and staining of the skin due to the localised breakdown od blood cells
  • Leg ulcers
  • Leg heaviness, aching and throbbing
  • Localised itching, irritation or burning
  • Restless legs
  • Leg cramping or ‘Charley horses’
  • Worsening leg fatigue
  • Swelling of the feet or ankles
  • Tingling in feet

These signs and symptoms are typically worse in the evening after a day on your feet, due to pooling of blood in the affected veins. Exercise may help to ease your symptoms as it improves circulation through the legs.

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